Area rug cleaning

Area rug cleaning

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Vacuuming alone won’t keep your area rugs free from dirt, dust and allergens. To keep your area rugs clean and allergen-free we recommend a professional rug cleaning from the best rug cleaners.
At Energy Carpet Cleaning we use our patented hot water extraction carpet cleaning method in our area rug cleaning service. This is sometimes referred to as rug steam cleaning because of the steam it emits as we clean, but we don’t actually use steam to clean. Hot water extraction allows us to safely remove dirt and stains, leaving behind a clean area rug and no residue.


  1. Our team will start by inspecting the area rugs you want cleaned and talk through the cleaning process with you.
  2. Before we begin, we will move as much furniture as possible out of the way.
  3. We start our rug cleaning service by spot treating any area that needs extra attention.
  4. Then, we use our rug cleaning machines to deep clean. This machine pumps hot water into your area rug to release any dirt deep within the fibers, extract the water and remove the dirt.
  5. The powerful suction of our rug cleaning machine removes a significant amount of water so your area rug will dry quickly.
  6. Lastly, we will complete a final inspection to make sure you are happy with your clean rug.
Stanley Steemer technician spraying protector on an area rug.

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